Dove continues its mission to raise awareness of harmful social media

The beauty brand’s new campaign features the use of deepfakes to make a point about how easy it is for young women to be fed dangerous messages online

Dove’s new ad follows last year’s #ReverseSelfie and continues Dove’s mission to raise awareness of the impact social media has on self-esteem, particularly amongst young women.

According to Dove’s Self-Esteem Project research, two in three girls in the US are spending more than an hour each day on social media, which is more than they are spending in person with friends. Their feeds are filled with beauty advice which presents idealised imagery and advice which can create low self-esteem.

To highlight this, Dove brings a number of mothers and daughters together for a new ad, which shows them discussing the influence of social media, before events take an unexpected turn.

The twist comes via the use of deepfake technology, which sees a series of beauty influencers replaced by the teens’ mothers, who are then shown spouting the harmful advice they see online.

This stunt element is then used to prompt more open conversations between the mothers and daughters before the campaign is brought to a close with a push for parents to visit the Dove Self-Esteem Project website to find advice on how to help young people navigate social media.

As with the #ReverseSelfie campaign, this new ad does a good job of raising awareness of the challenges teenagers face on social, even if there are not always clear solutions to the problems.

Agency: Ogilvy
Global ECD: Daniel Fisher
Global Creative Director: Francesco Grandi
Creatives: Phil Gull, Helen Giles
Design Lead: Sian Hughes
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin