Dragon to sit on Union Jack?

Could this be the new British flag? In the UK Parliament yesterday, culture minister Margaret Hodge pledged to consider a redesign of the union flag to incorporate the Welsh dragon.


Could this be the new British flag? In the UK Parliament yesterday, culture minister Margaret Hodge pledged to consider a redesign of the union flag to incorporate the Welsh dragon.

The minister was responding to concerns raised by Welsh MPs who claimed that their constituents’ identity has been suppressed by the current design which does not include a symbol to represent Wales. Albert Owen, Labour MP for Ynys Mon was reported in The Guardian as claiming that “We in Wales do not feel part of the union flag because the dragon or the cross of St David is not on it”.

Since 1801, the British flag has been made up of the cross of St George to represent England


the cross of St Patrick for Ireland


and the cross of St Andrew, or Saltire, for Scotland


Because the principality of Wales had already been united with England when the first union flag was created in 1606, it was not deemed necessary to include anything to represent the Welsh as their country was not a separate kingdom. And they’re not happy.

If a new design were to follow the pattern of the previous one, it should use the flag of the patron saint of Wales, St David. But that looks like this


So the dragon is being proposed as a compromise.

The design of the current flag, incorporating three different flags, had been “a challenge,” said Hodge. “Thinking of a new design that would meet everyone’s aspiration would be an even greater challenge.” You can say that again.

Send us your suggestions for a new design and we’ll post up the best ones.

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