Draw and Fold Over

For The Big Draw 2010, digital agency Albion created a great online ‘exquisite corpse’ game, Draw and Fold Over

For The Big Draw 2010, digital agency Albion created a great online ‘exquisite corpse’ game, Draw and Fold Over…

The pro-bono project, which launched a couple of month’s ago, is part of The Campaign for Drawing‘s attempts to, well, get everyone drawing. Their efforts culminate in the series of The Big Draw events planned for October.

We’ve spent an enjoyable twenty minutes playing with the game and it’s a lot of fun, particularly as you can send the ‘paper’ onto your friends to complete the drawing.

As in the pen and paper version, each player draws one section of their character, then ‘folds’ the paper over for the next person to add their artwork. You have a selection of pens to choose from and even some handy correction fluid.

Playing the game online means that your efforts can be emailed around to three other participants, until the last stage is completed and the full drawing is revealed to all.

There’s also a gallery on the site so you can see some of the weird and wonderful art already created. A great built-in feature is searching for “most random” or “most detailed” pieces.

Here’s one done by the professionals for the launch night. Contributions from, top to bottom, by Steven Appleby, Posie Simmonds, Hack and Nesta Morgan:

And here’s a good effort we found from Kath, Ian, Nadina and, er, Kath again:

The Big Draw takes place during October this year. For full details of the events planned, see campaignfordrawing.org/bigdraw.

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