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Many of you will be familiar with the work of Australian illustrator Jeremyville. Not only is his work colourful and distinctive – but the man is positively prolific in his output – as his latest tome, Jeremyville Sessions (published by IdN) testifies…

Jeremyville Sessions book cover

Many of you will be familiar with the work of Australian illustrator Jeremyville. Not only is his work colourful and distinctive – but the man is positively prolific in his output – as his latest tome, Jeremyville Sessions (published by IdN) testifies. The book contains over 300 pages dedicated to showcasing collaborations with hundreds of international artists, brands and companies and is split into 13 chapters to include an array of project types – from art collaborations, toys, magazines, books, comics, characters, animations, posters, clothes, accessories, Sketchel bags and more… Essentially, the book functions as a portfolio for Jeremyville’s work to date and the text explains how he has collaborated with artists such as Darren Firth and Jon Burgerman, companies such as adidas and MTV, AND he has taken on a phenomenonal amount of commissions over the last few years creating posters, T-shirt and skateboard graphics, designs for vinyl toys, packaging designs, logos, comics, animations. Jeremyville Sessions demonstrates one illustrator’s quest to be productive, to take on just about any commission, and to do as much work, with as many like minded people as is humanly possible.

“I’ve always worked on my own, up until a few years ago,” explains Jeremyville of this project. “I wanted to create a book that specifically looked at the process of collaborating with either artists or companies, and the nuances of such projects and also included a short synopsis of what was involved in each project. The title Jeremyville Sessions implies a sort of recording session in the studio… and I think that analogy is an apt one as my collaborations are about people coming together to make something greater than the sum of the parts – in a set time frame with a shared creative vision. Like Brian Jones playing sax on Beatles track You Know My Name (Look Up My Number), or John Lennon and Paul McCartney singing backing vocals on the Rolling Stones track We Love You in 1967.”

Here are a selection of spreads from the book:

Jeremyville Sessions book contents spread
Jeremyville Sessions book spread 36-37

Jeremyville Sessions book customised converse spread
Jeremyville collaborated with artist Damion Silver to customise this pair of Converse. “Damion painted the first layer, masking it etc, and sent the shoes to me so I could add my own layer,” explains Jeremyville.

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 62-63
Play Imaginative invited Jeremyville to be a party of their 10 Inch Trexi series. On this spread Jeremyville shows his design for the doll and also his design for the packaging for it too.

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 92-93
Another toy collaboration – this time Jeremyville collaborated with John Shakespeare, who he met whilst working as a cartoonist at the Sydney Morning Herald. Shakespeare took Jeremyville’s 2D vector drawings of the Collabo Bunny and created the 3D toy design shown here.

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 94-95

Jeremyville Sessions book magazine spread
Back and front cover of Computer Arts magazine as created by Jeremyville

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 140-141

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 142-143
The above two spreads show The Sticker, a comic stirp commissioned and published by Swindle magazine in the US – a collaboration with Shepard Fairey and Roger Gastman

Jeremyville Sessions book character spread
A selection of character designs

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 164-165
The opening spread of the Posters chapter

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 166-167
Spread showing posters for Get Involved, Ripe Off The Press, The Click Project and also Concrete Hermit

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 182-183
Collaboration with Monkey Skateboards

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 190-191Spread showing customised vinyl created for Wear It With Pride‘s Remixed show

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 206-207
Ah, T-shirts, all collaborations with DESIGN Lab

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 240-241
Ah, more T-shirts! On the left hand page are designs comissioned by Zimtstern in Switzerland, and also T-shirt graphics created for LEGO (on the right hand page)

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 242-243
Collaboration with Adidas (above left) and with Pabobi Snowboards (above right)

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 244-245
Spread that includes button badges and illustrations created for the forthcoming book Badge/Button/Pin, published by Laurence King

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 254-255Opening spread of the Sketchel chapter. Sketchel is a project set up by Jeremyville with Megan Mair. The pair invite artists and illustrators to create illustrations to adorn specially designed bags. Check out the Sketchel myspace page!

Jeremyville Sessions book spread 266-267

Jeremyville Sessions book package
The book also comes with a set of stickers, a fold-out poster and a DVD full of animations, screensavers, wallpapers, templates, interviews and games.

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