Durex Balloon Animals

Naughty, squeaky action…

Not much to say about this Durex ad made by NY animation studio Superfad for Atlanta agency Fitzgerald + Co, except that it made us laugh. Apparently, everything is done in CGI. Shame, we had visions of a particularly filthy-minded party balloon folder twisting away in a studio somewhere…

Out-takes here

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A Designer’s Portfolio, 16th Century-Style

From the original Macc Book – as used by designers in the 1500s
Before black vinyl folders, and way before the website, the Mediaeval ancestors of today’s graphic designers produced ‘model’ or ‘pattern’ books to show their work to potential clients. Only a handful survive but the British Library has recently discovered a prime example – the so-called Macclesfield Alphabet Book

Conflicting view

Suzanne Opton’s controversial billboard portraits of serving
US soldiers have impressed, bewildered and outraged

Brad Downey: An Honest Thief Exhibition

The B in the Brad, 2007 by Brad Downey. Medium: Metal, street signs, light fixtures
Regular CR readers may remember the name Brad Downey – we wrote about the work he was producing with partner in art, Darius, while the pair were studying fine art at The Slade school in London in 2004. Now Downey is based in Berlin and works alone, but is still making works of art inspired by and usually installed on the streets. An Honest Thief – an exhibition of Downey’s work opens today at The Dray Walk Gallery off London’s Brick Lane. Read on to see a selection of work created by the artist since we featured him in the July 2004 issue of CR…

N.A.S.A. – One Album, Six Different Covers

Album artwork by Shepard Fairey
We’ve seen some collaborative projects in our time here at CR – but the forthcoming debut album by N.A.S.A., entitled The Spirit Of Apollo (due out February 16 on Anti-) stands apart: it comes with no less than five interchangeable covers by Shepard Fairey, Sage Vaughn, The Date Farmers, Marcel Dzama and Mark Gonzales…

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