DVNO video: Justice

Justice’s latest video, for track dvno, marks a return to the graphic styling that appeared in the band’s previous promo for d.a.n.c.e, a film that saw directors Jonas and Francois walk away with the best video gong at last year’s mtv Europe Music Awards

For the dvno video animator/graphic designer So Me, who provided the graphics for the d.a.n.c.e film, co-directs alongside Machine Molle and Yorgo Tloupas (who is perhaps better known as the art director of Intersection magazine). 

The premise is simple, but brilliant: the words of the song are spelt out in a variety of retro-styled logos. Clips of the 80s-era moving image work that provided the inspiration for the video are of course already doing the rounds on YouTube. 


Production company: Because
Post-Production: Machine Molle
Record label: Ed Banger


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