A person next to candles in mug shaped holders and a real cookie

Earl of East launches café-inspired candles

The delectable candle range conjures popular drinks and sweet treats, all served in reusable diner mugs

Lifestyle brand Earl of East is known for its conceptual candles in unusual aromas. In the past, it has designed a range drawing on memories of home for refugees in the UK, while another Covid-era collection elicited the smells of spilt beer and popcorn to remind people of ‘normal times’ while stuck indoors during lockdown.

The brand’s newest launch similarly hits warm, nostalgic notes and references a home away from home: cafés. Inspired specifically by the coffee counters in their London stores, the new candle range comes in Americano, Iced Matcha, and Milk Bun.

Three candles poured in mugs
Three beige mugs labelled 'cafe' on a shelf surrounded by packaging and glassware

“Café culture has always been deep rooted in our brand,” says Paul Firmin, who co-founded Earl of East with Niko Dafkos. “From the chats about our dream business over coffee in the park, to the coffee counters in each of our stores. Our love for the café goes beyond the drinks that are served, it’s about community and connection and we hope this new collection will hit the spot for our customers.”

The candles are served up in proper mugs, which can be re-used after the candle has run out, and packaged up in a custom box featuring stickers of the menu items that inspired each candle. The range has launched with lifestyle imagery that is more in keeping with a cheerful caff than your average candle maker. The result is good enough to eat.

A beige mug labelled 'cafe' on top of a shelf full of silver drinks cans
Poster featuring rows of aerial images of rows of mug-shaped candles, drinks, and cookies
A person wearing jeans, a light shirt and a bright blue tote bag labelled 'cafe'
Three blue and white square boxes with a beige mug labelled 'cafe' resting on one box

Earl of East’s Café Collection is available from mid July; earlofeast.com