East Village? East Finchley

This little “tribute” to Milton Glaser appeared in my London neighbourhood yesterday.

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This little “tribute” to Milton Glaser appeared in my London neighbourhood yesterday.

East Finchley may not quite match New York for the variety and quality of its attractions but a group of local shop owners and businesses have decided to try and boost a little local spirit. We can now buy canvas shopping bags and T-shirts in order to declare our love for our, let’s face it, fairly nondescript bit of North London, stuck between the distinctly more glamorous Highgate and Muswell Hill and previously notable mostly for the presence of two enormous cemetries.

That residents here could be expected to get a design in-joke like this is yet further evidence that Glaser’s original remains the gold standard in its field. Thousands of miles away from its birthplace, his NY logo is both remembered and revered by “regular” people. Years from now, will local neighbourhoods around the world be turning to the London 2012 logo when they need to engender a little community spirit? Hmmmm

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