Eastpak finds inspiration in cosplay for latest campaign

Creative agency Mutant is behind the new ads, which aim to emphasise the brand’s playful side

While Eastpak bags may be more commonly associated with being durable and reliable, this new campaign aims to show how they can also be used for self-expression, and emphasise the wide variety of looks on offer.

Drawing inspiration from the popular cosplay and Live Action Role Play (LARP) communities, the TV spot and posters feature people dressed in immaculate costumes, with their outfits completed by Eastpak bags in complementary colours and styles.

The ads feature the brand’s familiar tagline ‘Built to Resist’ alongside the slightly less snappy line ‘Resisting the dullness of reality through fantasy’.

Eastpak is the latest brand to embrace an urban fashion audience as well as those who might purchase their products for practical purposes. The North Face has also had success in this vein in recent years, maximising the surprise generated by the brand pairing up with luxury labels such as Gucci or Martin Margiela.

“Eastpak has always been a brand that encourages transformation,” says Odin Saillé, founder and chief creative at Mutant. “Who didn’t customise their bag with markers, safety pins, Tipp-Ex and patches? There’s a beautiful parallel between that ritual and what these cosplayers do. With every new addition to their wardrobe, they unveil a new aspect of their identity.”

Agency: Mutant
Creative Director: Odin Saillé
Creative: Ben Boliau
Design Director: Frank Schouwaerts
Motion Design: Bob Van den Audenaerde
Designers: Ben Boliau, Tjen Colman
Director: Guy de la Palme
Production Company: Caviar Brussels
Photographer: Andile Buka