Ecover launches new baby-scented fragrance, L’eau de Bébé

The brand has teamed up with Uncommon Creative Studio to produce a sharp spoof on perfume ads in order to promote its new laundry liquid, Free Ecover Zero

‘L’eau de Bébé’ celebrates how “nothing smells as good as babies”. A smooth skinned, doe-eyed baby is carefully cradled by a group of white-robed models. Their hair dances in the breeze as they become utterly entranced by the clean smell of babies. Light falls on a sharp, crystalised bottle in the shape of an angelic baby; it stands alone on a pedestal, a classic pastiche on expensive perfume brands. Free from all chemical products, we all want to smell like pure baby scent. Apparently.

Beneath the jokes, Ecover has an underlying serious message here: with the launch of its scentless hypoallergenic range Free Ecover Zero, the campaign aims to encourage consumers to be more ecologically aware about the use and effect of scented, synthetic products.

Uncommon designed the packaging for L’Eau de Bébé and even worked with perfume house Givaudin to develop “a sustainable aroma” with “notes of breast milk, soft skin and sweet baby goodness” for the campaign.

It’s rare to see a genuinely surprising and entertaining ad in this category. L’eau De Bebe combines offbeat humour with a sincere message – proof that ads for eco-conscious products don’t have to be serious or boring. This is intentional, says Uncommon founder Nils Leonard: “People are weary of the rants and often pious voice of environmental messaging so we wanted to make something people wouldn’t see coming,” he says.

In a time where cleaning product ads have become monotonous, this spoof brings an idiosyncratic edge that leaves behind a memorable mark with a sincere message.

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Production: Object and Animal
Director: Matias & Mathias
DOP: Andreas Bjørseth
Post Production: CHEAT