Work commissioned by newspapers, magazines etc

Title of work: Haiti Earthquake aftermath
Photographer: Carlos Cazalis for Corbis
Cat no.: 5.0026/5.0027

Title of work: Werner Herzog III
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Cat no.: 5.0036

Title of work: Lesley Manville, Independent Sunday Review
Photographer: Thom Atkinson
Cat no.: 5.0004

Title of work: NASA
Photographer: Nick Meek
Cat no.: 12.0019

Title of work: Bosnia, Wired magazine
Photographer: Todd Antony
Cat no.: 12.0020

Title of work: Piers of the Realm
Photographer: Simon Roberts
Cat no.: 12.0034

Title of work: Taking the Plunge, The Sunday Times Magazine
Photographer: Sam Barker
Cat no.: 12.0009

Title of work: Medicinal Plants
Photographer: Giles Revell
Cat no.: 12.0049

Title of work: Hackit Better for Viewpoint Magazine
Photographer: Victoria Ling
Cat no.: 12.0052

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