Elton John Tiny Dancer

Elton John releases new videos for three classic songs

Elton John, via a competition held with YouTube, AKQA and Pulse Films, has commissioned videos for three of his classic songs from the 70s: Tiny Dancer, Benny & The Jets and Rocket Man. And they’re all great.

Launched towards the end of last year, the competition to create the videos aimed to celebrate 50 years of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s creative partnership as well as provide promos for the songs, which were all released in the pre-video era.

The results are out this week and while the three videos are starkly different from one another, all are powerful short films which bring a new resonance to the familiar songs (and certainly give more depth to Taupin and John’s work than the video for I’m Still Standing, shot in the early 80s in Cannes).

First up is director Max Weiland’s homage to LA, created for Tiny Dancer. The video takes us into the mini narratives of various characters driving round the city, ranging from joy to tragedy. At its heart is the song, which provides a backdrop to the scenes as well as an opportunity for several car singalongs.

For Rocket Man, Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin teamed up with animation director Stephen McNally to create a story that will likely make you see the song in an entirely new light, plus possibly bring a tear to your eye.

The film for Bennie & The Jets is the most stylised of the videos, with directors Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill creating a striking sci-fi number in black and white.

See more on the competition at thecut.eltonjohn.com

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