Encylopedia Pictura: Björk Wanderlust video

The word ‘epic’ is bandied about quite regularly in the media, but here is a video that truly deserves the accolade. Almost a year in the making, the promo finds Björk in a fantastical wilderness setting for her new single, Wanderlust

It is the latest work from US directing team Encylopedia Pictura (Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch) and draws on influences including Walt Disney,  Terence McKenna and Eckhart Tolle, as well as, ahem, the directors’ experiments with magic mushrooms. Running at over seven minutes long, the video sees Björk travel downriver on the back of a giant yak. During the journey, a creature mysteriously sprouts from a backpack on her back (still from video, shown top) before she finally arrives before a River God for the video’s stunning finish.

And if all that isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, the directors also shot the promo to be viewed in 3D, after building a 3d camera system they called the Vizard. The final video is thus an impressive mixture of art and technology, with Encyclo­pedia Pictura incorporating hand-drawn imagery (drawing for the River God shown, bottom right), alongside stereoscopy, green-screen work and cgi to achieve the final look. The rather adorable yaks were created by duplicating one giant-sized puppet, which required three people to operate (photo on set with the yak puppet, shown below left).

The resulting video is classically barmy Björk, but is nonetheless extremely impressive stuff.

Production company: Ghost Robot
Record label: One Little Indian
Post production company: uvphactory


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