Is it time to end the call to action?

Just Do It and Think Different are held up as the ultimate OG taglines. They spawned countless imitators, but has the public finally grown tired of being told what to do by brands? Is it time to call time on the call to action?

When soft drink manufacturers demand we Live For Now, banks encourage us to Live Richly, and wifi networks command us to Live Better, is the audience inspired or are they livid?

Or how about a fashion retailer telling you to Make Your Own Moment, or a beer requiring you to Love Every Moment, potato chips demanding you Grab Every Moment, and a linen company imploring us all to Make Every Moment Meaningful?

Find your greatness, find your freedom, find your paradise. Find your fast, find your magic, find your edge. Find your colour, find your flavour, find your future. Find your journey. Find new roads. Find your princess, find your morning love. Find your wanderlust. Find your way, find your way back. All genuine messages, from genuine household brand names. Have brands been found out?