England kits for 2018 World Cup released

Nike has unveiled the kits the England men’s team will wear for the 2018 World Cup

“Our goal was to create a range of products that even without an England crest or Nike Swoosh, would still instantly look like an England collection. That classic identity, with a modern edge added, is imperative to the whole collection,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director of this year’s design.

Raheem Sterling in the new England home kit

A custom typeface used for player names draws from Johnston and Gill Sans, Nike says. Nike recruited Neville Brody for this task for the last World Cup: CR understands Craig Ward was involved this time around.

The player numbers are backed by ‘anti-cling nodes’, Nike says, apparently because “previous number applications had caused the shirt to stick to their backs during extreme heat”. We are also told that the badge on the new design is “64 per cent lighter than previous crest applications” which should make the world of difference…

The jerseys also feature a rose motif on the inside of the shirt (see above).

The colour scheme stays traditional with plain white for the home shirt and tradition red for the away. Things get a bit funkier with the ‘pre-match shirt’ however (below).

England’s kit, however, seems very conservative compared to Nike’s efforts for Nigeria this time around, which is a lot more fun. Look at these!


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