England’s World Cup match goals recreated in Lego

CR talks to the Hannover-based animator behind The Guardian’s Lego recreations of the goals in each of England’s World Cup games that have become an instant online hit

The Guardian has commissioned the Hannover-based Lego animator behind the Lego Fussball website to recreate all the goals in each of England’s World Cup matches.

The first film, featuring England’s match against the USA has already become a major draw to guardian.co.uk It lovingly recreates, using several different camera angles, both Steven Gerrard’s opening goal for England and, rather unfortunately, Robert Green’s bumbling goalkeeping error which allowed USA to level the game…

We emailed legofussball to find out more about the lego animations

CR: How many people are behind legofussball.eu?
Fabian Moritz: It’s only me, a crazy football-fan, who produces and manages the videos and the website, legofussball.eu

CR: Where are you based?
FM: I’m from Hannover, Germany. I make the films in a storage room just four square meters in my home.

CR: When did you start making these films?
FM: In Summer 2007 I had my debut with a friendly match between my favorite team Hannover 96 and Real Madrid, which was won 3-0. Reactions to the film were great, so I made more.

CR: How long, typically, does it take to make each film?
FM: Of course, it depends on the number of goals in the match. Typically, I spend about three hours for each goal.

CR: Was re-creating the England goalkeeper’s error fun? Or was it quite tricky to get right?
FM: In general, unusual scenes are a lot of fun, because I get to be very creative in those scenes. I have never recreated a goalkeeping error before, so I really enjoyed it (sorry)!

CR: Who is your favourite to win the World Cup this year?
FM: Difficult question – especially after watching the first few games. Brazil, Argentina, England or maybe even Germany.

To see more of this kind of thing, visit legofussball.eu – and keep an eye on guardian.co.uk after each England match to see the rest of the films Moritz makes to commemorate (in glorious Lego) all the goals in England’s World Cup matches for The Guardian.

Let’s just hope there’ll be no more embarrassing errors by our boys in South Africa for him to recreate…


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