Entrée’s branding “leans into the idea of setting the table”

Saint Urbain has designed a visual identity for the meal delivery service, using cut-out shapes and editorial-style typography to get people’s mouths watering

The food box startup launched in 2016, and offers chef-created meals and drinks that are delivered ready-to-serve, with instructions on plating, heating, and even wine and music that will be good accompaniments. Entrée’s menus span a broad range of flavours and countries, with its current offering including everything from American bbq to pasta, soup, and miso-glazed cod.

In the eight years since it was founded the food business has undergone drastic changes, particularly during and post-lockdown – which redefined many people’s relationship with takeaway. According to Saint Urbain, which is based in New York and Los Angeles, the business needed fresh branding that would set them apart from a growing number of competitors, and also attract a new set of diners.

The studio turned to the act of laying the table for inspiration, introducing borders and frames that echo the shapes of tablecloths, napkins, plates and dinner mats. These are used in Entrée’s packaging as windows to the food, as well as in the wider branding, where they appear against single-colour backgrounds, and are used to frame images of ingredients.

The accompanying photography is simple but evocative, focusing on the pleasure of making and sitting down to dinner. Colours speak to fresh ingredients, running the gamut from mushroomy greys and saffron yellows to bright pinks, blues and oranges. Saint Urbain has introduced a new serif typeface as well, which feels very much in the realm of editorial design. It comes to life in some nice motion design elements, including an elegant ampersand with a tail that curls upwards like a puff of smoke.