Eon Productions: No Time To Die title sequence

Category: Title Design; Entrant: Framestore

The opening title sequence for No Time To Die required a decidedly different approach for Framestore, whose relationship with Eon Productions and the James Bond franchise dates back to 1995’s GoldenEye.

Returning to work alongside renowned director Daniel Kleinman, the creative direction for the title sequence included an homage to visual motifs featured in classic Maurice Binder Bond titles, though updated for the digital era.

From a statue of Britannia in several states of decay, to recognisable James Bond imagery including weapons and vehicles, the team drew on the creative talents of 59 artists to create and deliver a mixture of CG ­elements, 2D assets, DMPs, effects and live-action plates.

The visuals, and most noticeably the colour palette, change dramatically over the course of the titles to signify the passage of time and allude to what’s to come in the film. The creation of each segment presented unique challenges, whether creating realistic effects in sand, water and smoke, or animating a silhouette to move with Daniel Craig’s signature manner.

The finished title sequence features a total of 5,373 frames, the contents of which consist of nearly 50 ­separate CG and 2D assets, and took over two-and-a-half million hours of CPU rendering.

Production Company: Rattling Stick
Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Creative Supervisors: Jules Janaud, Stephen Goalby
CG Artists: Ahmed Gharraph, David Cattermole, Alice Roseberry-Haynes, Andrew Butler, Adam Smith, Gez Wright, Jorge Sanchez Ramirez, Leo Schreiber, Paola Santoro, Michael John, Omar Jason, Jay Khan, Tim Woods, Caspian Graca, Da Silva, Ed Mykolaitis, Timothee Maron, Grant Walker, Christian Bohm, Dylan Leif Brinsbury Magee, Stephen Moroz, Aaron Hunwick, Robert Joosten, Billy Butler, Nacho Sanchez Del Hierro
Head of 2D & 2D Supervisor: Suzanne Jandu
Pre-Vis: Alex Jeremy, Alex Karonis
Flame: Andrew Salter
Executive Producer: Helen Hughes
Producer: Vic Lovejoy
Compositing Lead: Lionel Heath Nuke
Compositors: Michael Baker, Saruta (Puff) Pisanwalerd, Francesco Cosatti, Matthew Thomas, Pedram Razi, Stuart Bullen, Ysabel King, Grzegorz Zolnowski
Editorial: Rob Jewell, Jack Hubbard 
VFX Line Producer: Iraz Sanders
VFX Coordinator: Emma Hughes, Megan De Wolf