Eve Sleep releases the ad we all need right now

The mattress brand teamed up with Channel 4 to celebrate World Sleep Day last Friday (March 13) and also released an ad celebrating the glories of a decent kip

The partnership saw Eve Sleep and Channel 4 create the first ever ‘night mode’ TV ad break, when the brain stimulating effect of TV’s blue light was removed on all the ads by applying an amber coloured filter. Alongside Eve Sleep, brands including Calpol, Cazoo, Listerine, The AA and Velux were featured in the break.

The ad break took place at around 9.45 across Channel 4, E4 and More4. This time was chosen due to being in the run up to the UK’s average bedtime, which is between 10-11pm. In between the ads, tips of how to get to sleep were also aired. You can see the ad break below:

Then, in the next ad break, Eve Sleep ran a 90-second ad showing children, adults and even a dog demonstrating what it looks like to sleep deeply (while also managing to look attractive and not snore).

Shown below, it is the perfect ad for World Sleep Day but also, it turns out, for our anxiety-ridden times. Watch and relax.

The campaign is linked to Eve Sleep’s wider quest get the nation to sleep better, after discovering that the average Brit only gets an average of five hours and 36 minutes of uninterrupted sleep a night.

This has culminated in the brand’s campaign Right to Sleep, and a petition to the government to get sleep recognised in the Human Rights Act.


Milton Keynes