Exhibition: The Space Between

We’ve already covered LCC’s degree show on the CR blog, but a recent exhibition, The Space Between, showing as part of this year’s Create festival, saw a group of graduates from the Interaction and Moving Image course take up another opportunity to exhibit their work in London.

We’ve already covered LCC’s degree show on the CR blog, but a recent exhibition, The Space Between, showing as part of this year’s Create festival, saw a group of graduates from the Interaction and Moving Image course take up another opportunity to exhibit their work in London.

Organised in collaboration with Nexus Productions, who also showed video works in the exhibition and held a series of talks by their directors/artists on the opening night, The Space Between was staged in a disused office space in Canary Wharf. The setting gave the LCC graduates room to show their final year projects, as well as a number of other installations created for the space.

These included the work shown above and top, titled Mausaleum, which was a collaborative piece by Jimmy Irwin, Kirsty Tizzard, Hannah Blackmore, Jake Dowling and James Morrison. Channelling the artist Rachel Whiteread, the piece was created by casting details of the existing building in latex.

Another piece seemingly inspired by the contemporary art world, this time by the work of Anya Gallaccio, was Unwanted Change by Fiona Choi, who hung a group of strawberries in the space and recorded them slowly rotting. According to the exhibition notes, Choi aims to look “at the changes which people normally neglect or abominate” with the piece. As I visited right at the end of the exhibition’s run, the strawberries were in a pretty precarious state.

Yong Ding exhibited a series of films he has made about homelessness in London in the exhibition, alongside an installation on the subject, shown above.

Christophe Amaning’s installation What Used To Be played on the disrepair of the Canary Wharf space. It featured a series of empty desks with bingo paraphernalia left scattered across them, and had a ghostly soundscape of a bingo game in session. According to Amaning, it aimed to encapsulate “the essence of an abandoned community room in its prime, fading to the echoes of what it once was”.

Jake Dowling had a number of works in The Space Between. These included Know The Difference Between Your and You’re, shown above, which is a 3D visualisation of an online argument (this was also shown in the LCC degree show).

Dowling also created the sculpture above, titled Desk, for the show, which “focuses on the potential tension of a once busy office space”.

Jenny Keuter used the empty office space “like drawing paper” to create a work made of string, which is part of a series of drawings, prints and installations by Keuter that explore and reflect the notion of space.

The show also included a number of interactive works by Tomomi Sayuda, who graduated from LCC in 2009, and was featured in Creative Review’s special graduate issue (see article here) in the same year. One of these was Oshibe, shown above, which plays sounds and lights up as users interact with its eggs.

The Space Between finished on Saturday but more details of it can be found here. The exhibition demonstrated not only the talent of the students coming out of the LCC’s Interaction and Design course, but also the benefits of getting out there and organising additional exhibitions on top of degree shows, which is certainly a great way of standing out among the crowds. More info on the graduates featured here can be found online at lccgmd2011.com; my original post on the LCC degree show (which features pieces by a number of other interaction and design graduates, I’ve tried to avoid any overlaps here) is online here.


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