Exit Here: the future of funeral planning?

With its cheerful interiors, colourful caskets and tongue-in-cheek brand name, Exit Here is hoping to rethink the way we approach planning funerals – and create a more positive experience for the bereaved

Created by restauranteur Oliver Peyton and London design studio Transit, Exit Here offers a full funeral planning and undertaking service. As well as collecting bodies and preparing them for burial and cremation, the company works with clients to plan bespoke funerals – from a natural burial in a Berkshire farm to spiritual and non-religious services abroad.

Exit Here has also created a range of biodegradable caskets and urns. Customers can choose from minimal caskets in yellow and white or a hand-painted design inspired by the popular skull and floral motifs associated with Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations.

A casket inspired by visual motifs associated with Mexico’s Dias los Muertes celebrations