Exposure: Andy Price

For her latest Exposure column, art director Gem Fletcher highlights the work of Andy Price, whose playful images work in stark contrast to the slick visuals of commercial still-life photography

Andy Price’s vision is the antithesis of the slick, graphic aesthetic that dominates commercial still life. It’s awkward, playful and, above all, humble. It champions the everyday objects and materials that fill our daily lives. “For me, still life is a way of looking at people without having to photograph them,” he says. “There is so much information held in objects – from their design, to the emotional attachments they hold for their owners.”

Price plays with the combination of fiction and reality, mixing photography and sculpture to create ephemeral interventions. He collects objects over time, and ideas come from simply being around them. These objects become temporary sets in his studio, and through experimentation, play and “a lot of failures” he creates combinations that draw together multilayered ideas and narratives.

Top, above and below: Personal work by Andy Price