Exposure: Cait Oppermann

Photographer Cait Oppermann’s work roams the space between travel, sport and science, working with clients like Nike, Wired, Time and Airbnb. Art Director Gem Fletcher speaks to the New York-based photographer about her work

After a rocky start making the decision between film and photography, she settled with the latter because it felt more intuitive and self-sufficient.  Oppermann enjoys the solitary aspect of photographic work, roaming unknown streets feeding her insatiable curiosity for life and discovering the magic in the everyday. The American native graduated from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.

“It makes sense to me to combine my other interests with photography. I’m deeply fascinated by history, travel and sports. I’m driven to experience things first hand and explore how they look through my camera,” says Cait Oppermann.