Exposure: Georgie Wileman

In the latest instalment of Exposure, CR’s column examining exciting new photographers, art director Gem Fletcher looks at the work of Georgie Wileman, which shines a light on the human struggles that often go unseen

Examination rooms, clenched fists, contorted limbs – Georgie Wileman’s This is Endometriosis captures the haunting reality of life with a disease that remains underfunded and misunderstood. The project traces the physical and emotional trauma of eight people, capturing quiet, private moments of survival.

In 2017, at the peak of her own struggle with endometriosis, Wileman turned the camera on her suffering. An image of her stomach, scars labelled by the date of their incision and subsequent reopening, is utterly disarming. This constellation of pain and distress encapsulates the unforgiving reality of living on a conveyor belt of surgery and recovery – with no cure in sight.