Exposure: Guy Bolongaro

In her latest Exposure column, Gem Fletcher profiles photographer and social worker Guy Bolongaro, who balances his two disciplines to shine a light on the complexities of everyday life

“I took up photography as an antidote to social work,” Guy Bolongaro tells me. “I was quite burnt out and jaded. I found myself drawn to the camera’s immediacy. It was a real therapy for me.”

While still juggling both disciplines, Bolongaro’s career as a photographer is gaining pace. In 2017, he began making work on the street documenting idiosyncratic moments of daily life. Unlike even the most seasoned street photographers, Bolongaro was at ease interacting with strangers, which he attributes to his experience as a social worker. “As much as I was resistant to it, those social work impulses started to creep back in almost instantly in terms of my interest in people and behaviour. Photography, like social work, is very much about relationship building.” 

All images © Guy Bolongaro