Exposure: Iain Graham

Iain Graham’s highly conceptual approach to food has made him one of London’s most sought-after food stylists. Art Director Gem Fletcher chats to Graham about his career journey, creative process and the limitless power of food

“It all began with Ready, Steady, Cook,” Iain Graham recounts, “I was supposed to be good at school, but I just scraped through. I would come home and watch the show transfixed. This was before the food revolution, before Jamie Oliver, before chefs started to be respected on a mainstream stage. But, I just knew I wanted to do this.”

The photographer is one of the hardest working creatives I’ve ever met. If he’s not working on big advertising campaigns, super conceptual editorials, films or personal projects, he’ll be in his test kitchen at the end of his garden, experimenting like a mad, yet perfectly refined scientist. His material of choice is food, perhaps the most universal material in the world.