Lou Bever Flat 92

Exposure: Lou Bever

Combining his love of fine art and football, the success of Lou Bever’s Flat 92 project has led to a career in photography, and commercial projects for brands including Puma and Uniqlo

Picasso’s 1946 Femme Debout, Nicolae Tonitza’s 1900s Head of Girl, and Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 Portrait of a Young Girl are just some of the paintings that inspire Lou Bever’s ongoing project Flat 92. The body of work — all shot from his flat in Dalston, London — is a homage to his favourite things: football and fine art.

He starts with a painting or a vintage football shirt and then carefully constructs a new image in collaboration with friends or street cast models. The work is simple, poetic and playful; Bever often pairs rival clubs together, toying with fans’ emotions. His romantic visual language offers a stark contrast to the raw authenticity that is currently trending in photography.

Bever grew up in Germany but also lived in Italy, Northern Ireland, France, as well as a short stint in Dorset before he turned 18 due to his father’s career in the army. “I’m no nepo baby,” Bever says, laughing. “I come from three generations of army service; when it comes to creativity, there’s no connection.”

Lou Bever Flat 92
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