Exposure: Mark Mahaney

Though he’s been shooting for nearly a decade, the work of Mark Mahaney has remained largely under the radar. Here Art Director Gem Fletcher speaks to him about finding his niche in the industry, making portraits of everyone from Al Gore to Del the Funky Homosapien

As a culture, our preoccupation with targeting the young and the new means that incredible talents can go undiscovered. Mark Mahaney is one of those photographers; he’s been shooting for over ten years but remains relatively under the radar. After graduation, Mark’s work started to garner interest and it wasn’t long before he was picking up awards and accolades such as the PDN 30 and had become a go-to photographer for a handful of magazine photo directors. Around this time, the unpredictable and chaotic events of life took over and while he continued to shoot to provide for his family, he was unable to give his practise the focus afforded by his peers.


Milton Keynes