Exposure: Naomi Wood

For her latest Exposure column, art director Gem Fletcher profiles the work of Naomi Wood, who examines the complexities of motherhood in her series I Wake To Listen

For I Wake To Listen, Naomi Wood spent two years documenting her intimate relationship with her son Charlie. Contrary to the sanitised and often one-dimensional depictions of motherhood in culture, Wood’s images are primal, beautiful, messy, painful and mundane. They chart an emotional journey as much as a physical one. Wood’s work holds up the contradictions and complexities of being a mother, both the liberation and the struggle, the joy and the epic self-sacrifice.

Set in a static caravan surrounded by nature, which Wood and her partner moved into to save money to buy a house, the series is marked by transition of all kinds. The photographs perfectly capture the destabilising reality of life marked by unrelenting feeds, the discomfort of shifting identity, and the overwhelming instinct to protect and nurture.