Exposure Crew: Nathan Klein

We are expanding our Exposure column beyond only looking at photographers, to examine the work of the wider teams that contribute to image-making being the vital force it is today. Here, Gem Fletcher profiles the work of stylist Nathan Klein

In photography, credits are a serious point of contention. And for a good reason. Making photographs is a collaborative endeavour. Great storytelling is born from a hive mind of experts, each bringing years of experience, creativity and insight to the frame. The author is a body of people, not an individual, yet image-making is still perceived as a solo endeavour.

The digital revolution has gone some way to shift this. Tagging and disseminating work is more accessible, and social media enables everyone to claim some authorship over their work. Still, the crew’s talent and contribution often goes unseen and misunderstood. After 15 years working on shoots, I’ve seen first-hand how everything from the set, styling and even a makeup look can embed meaning and transform a photograph into something timeless and iconic. In this column, which has previously only focused on photographers, we will now also uncover some of the extraordinary talents that thrive behind the scenes – individuals shaping the future of visual culture.

Nathan Klein’s creative practice is rooted in an obsession with character. The south London stylist and creative director uses the body as a site of possibility, beauty and drama. A space to conjure stories that reach back across history and geography. Style, for Klein, is more about expression and emotion than adornment – clothes are not relics to be revered but rather a catalyst for imagining. His work is a manifesto for another mode of living – politically conscious, sustainably minded and rooted in empowering and inclusive storytelling.

All images: Courtesy Nathan Klein