Exposure: Oli Kellett

Over the last two years, Oli Kellett has made the difficult transition from commercial photographer to artist. Art Director Gem Fletcher speaks to the Hastings-based artist about this change, his creative process, and a new body of work titled Cross Road Blues

“Crossroads are a democratic place. We all have to wait. On average, we will spend five years ‘waiting’ during our lifetime. Being held at a ‘Don’t Walk’ sign allows us a few seconds, and occasionally minutes, to ask ourselves ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?”

The above quote from Cross Road Blues, the first exhibition from British photographer Oli Kellett, taps straight into the core of the human psyche. These questions transcend age, gender, status, ethnicity and background. The project shows the commonalities that all humans share: waiting, thinking, and deciding which way to go. Through this work, Kellett invites viewers into the lives of strangers, triggering our own curiosity and self-reflection.

These questions also speak to the challenges of creative work. What are we doing? Why are we making this? And is it even meaningful? Questions which plague creatives of all disciplines.