Exposure: Robbie Lawrence

Art Director Gem Fletcher looks at the work of Robbie Lawrence in her latest Exposure column for CR, which highlights exciting young photographers to watch

In the wake of a world in flux, the need for creatives to offer alternative visions is more urgent than ever. Photography at its best is a tool to enhance the human experience. A portal to explore new spaces, communities and issues, offering the viewer a fresh perspective on the world around them. These ideas underpin the work of Robbie Lawrence, who defines his practice as macro journalism. Putting the human experience at the centre of his process, he explores social issues through a rich visual language. Stimulating conversations and challenging the audience’s implicit expectations.

It was pure serendipity that Lawrence became a photographer. While studying painting in New York, he randomly walked into the wrong classroom and found himself in the photo lab. From then on, shooting became a day-to-day activity. Despite his newfound love of photography, Lawrence always wanted to be a journalist. He returned to university to study literature and spent the early part of his career working for a newspaper in Paris. He gained further experience at The New York Times and Cereal Magazine, before working as a Photo Director for Freunde von Freunden. This myriad of learnings formed the foundation of his career.