Exposure: Rodrigo Oliveira

In this edition of Exposure, art director Gem Fletcher profiles Rio de Janeiro native Rodrigo Oliveira, whose image making expresses the fluidity of gender and sexuality, extolling the virtues of beauty and self-expression

In the celebratory and spontaneous documentary photography of Rio de Janeiro local Rodrigo Oliveira, beauty and self-expression are always front and centre, providing a glimpse into the Black, LGBTQI+ community in the Brazilian metropolis. “It’s important for me that all the work is personal, and to have no barriers in front of the camera,” he says.

“This is my community, and I want to create intimate and confronting portraits that distil the confidence and strength of my subjects. I want to wake people up and show that this community is beautiful. Their lives matter and their bodies and identities should be celebrated.”

Rodrigo Oliveira
Top and above: From the series Carioca, Negro & Queer. All images © Rodrigo Oliveira