Exposure: Rosie Marks

Gem Fletcher talks to the photographer about her practice, which explores themes of extreme beauty culture and its growing influence on everyday life

Babestation, Pat Butcher, extreme bodies, and BDSM: these are just some touchpoints of Rosie Marks’ visceral practice. The London-based photographer is captivated by women, particularly how beauty culture infiltrates and influences every corner of our psyche, unravelling ideas about status, socioeconomics, age, and taste.

Beauty is more than just a theme for Marks, it’s a way to examine the macro and micro of politics and culture. Her work – which moves between photography and film – is never simply a document of her collaborators but rather a mode of nuanced storytelling that offers more questions than answers.

Despite always taking pictures, photography wasn’t initially at the forefront of Marks’ mind when picking a career. She tried studying fashion communication but dropped out after a few months. Marks then started interning at An0ther Magazine in London, splitting her time between the fashion cupboard and returning designer clothes.

Top: Charo for The New York Times; Above: Allegra