Exposure: Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson’s photography uses humour and wit to explore our relationship with our bodies. Gem Fletcher talks to her about her work

“The body is such a vast universe of paradoxes that will never get old,” says Steph Wilson. Traversing the space between fine art and fashion, the London-based imagemaker cherishes humour and joy, while exploring the possibilities of our bodies.

“I think the body dictates far more than our minds do,” Wilson says. “It’s the starting point for everyone and everything. It drives what we do every moment we’re alive: eating, sleeping, working, shitting. We quite literally go with our gut. I get a very physical reaction from my body when taking photographs (most often of bodies). I feel energised in a way nothing else can muster; it’s a response that I can only liken to something like ecstasy.”

In Self, a personal project initiated in lockdown, Wilson’s body became her primary subject. The work interrogates the sensorial experience of inhabiting a body, the complex emotions that they provoke, and the political and social pressures put upon them.

SELF 4 Steph Wilson
From the series Self