Still image showing a couple sat on a sofa in the Extinction Rebellion ad Choose Your Future

Extinction Rebellion film paints a dystopian view of the future

Directed by Tom Geens, the climate group’s new film is a warning of what happens if people don’t engage with the challenges of climate change and attend protests and marches

Extinction Rebellion has launched a new film called Choose Your Future, which comes ahead of climate action taking place in Westminster from April 21-24. Supported by a range of organisations, the four-day event will feature speakers, workshops and performances.

Created by Odelay Films in just two weeks, Choose Your Future unravels in the style of an interview with a couple in their living room. It begins normally enough, but a more dystopian reality is soon revealed.

The film is a call to action for people to attend climate marches and get more involved in environmental initiatives generally, rather than let them pass by like the couple in the film did. “Who’s got time to go on a march?” one of them laughs against a dreary barren backdrop.

Choose Your Future is somewhat on the nose, though Extinction Rebellion isn’t exactly known for its subtlety, and the film directly addresses how a lot of people are reluctant to attend marches and protests on the basis that their individual contribution doesn’t count for much.