Fancy editing our Twitter profile for a day?

Next week we’re handing the reins of CR’s popular Twitter profile over to a different guest editor each day. And what’s more, one of them could be you…

Next week we’re going to be handing the reins of CR’s popular Twitter profile over to a different guest editor each day*. And what’s more, one of them – dramatic pause – could be you.

UPDATE: Design studio @MatDolphin won the guest spot for Thursday.

For the first three days we’ve invited the people behind some of our favourite Twitter accounts to take over @creativereview.

Monday will see our tweets curated by Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen, the clever duo behind book publisher-with-a-difference Visual Editions.

On Tuesday, CR Twitter action will come courtesy of designer and incorrigible blogger Daniel Gray.

Whilst Wednesday sees the capable fingers of copywriter Nick Asbury typing his thoughts straight into your Twitterstream.

So #FF: @visualeditions, @scandb and @asburyandasbury

And the fourth and final space? Well that’s where you come in.

We’re offering Thursday’s slot up to the masses. If you’d like a shot at editing our profile for a day, then simply tweet a link to something you think we’d find interesting and include the hashtag #crguested. You’ve until 2pm to make your tweet and we’ll announce the winner by the end of today.

And remember, evey character counts…

* Not Friday though, as Mark and I are both off work that day.

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