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Filmmaker Justin Anderson’s film, Chore, features a girl going about her regular cleaning routine at home, clad in frilly knickers. Well, what did you expect? The film was funded by lingerie brand Damaris…

In an ad agency free collaboration, filmmaker Justin Anderson has made a film with lingerie brand Damaris. The film, called Chore, features a girl going about her regular cleaning routine at home, whilst also trying out a whole range of Damaris lingerie…

The film – which is set to live and air online only, rather than on TV – came about when Anderson approached his friend Damaris Evans, founder and designer at Damaris with an idea to create a film based around the rituals that women apply to their domestic chore routines. “Almost everyone I spoke to had a certain particular way of cleaning,” says Anderson, who started researching the idea early last year. “I asked girls about their cleaning routine and the answers I got were as hilarious as they were varied. High on the list was wearing underwear whilst doing the cleaning and ending up in the shower.”

As well as doing the ironing, scrubbing the floor, taking out the rubbish and a spot of hoovering, the girl in the film also reveals some bizarre aspects of her domestic chore routine. She makes time to relax under a rug and at one point is seen with a bucket on her head (above). Warning: partial nudity and frilly knickers feature prominently in the following film…

Chore Damaris by Justin Anderson from Justin Anderson


Chore credits:

Director: Justin Anderson
DoP: Alessandra Scherillo
Music: Pete Diggens
Production company: Independent Films
Executive producer: Rebecca Pople
Post production: The Mill
Editing: Ponyboy
Title design: Studio Frith


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