Nurturing diversity

The case for diversity goes beyond fairness: diverse workforces can result in better work and results. So why, asks Jamshid Alamuti of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, do so few organisations concentrate on it

Scents and sense ability

Ah, the smell of a good book – those printed pages are much more than just a visual experience, as our man reminds himself with some delving amid shelving

From the page to the stage

Theatre company Headlong’s artistic director Jeremy Herrin talks to Rachael Steven about directing the smash hit play People, Places & Things, the role of the director in a theatre production and how he works with writers to bring their ideas to life

Meet Graham: the human designed to survive our roads

Australia’s Transport Accident Commission and agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have created a figure ‘with bodily features that might be present in humans if they had evolved to withstand the forces involved in car crashes’

Highlights from the web #5: Next to You; Resn; YouLand

A monthly selection of the best of the internet by Marieke Dekker, a strategist at SuperHeroes Amsterdam. This month’s picks include a murder mystery-themed music video, a slick website for production company Resn and a personalised game from Old Spice