Feeld dating app

Do dating apps need a rebrand?

As sex positive dating app Feeld unveils a new visual identity, we look at how it’s challenging the more problematic elements of ‘swipe culture’

The minefield that is modern dating has changed beyond recognition thanks to the internet. Online dating tentatively arrived in the mid-90s in the form of Match.com, when the idea of meeting your partner on a dating site was still a source of shame to many. Fast-forward to the 2010s, and dating apps Tinder and Grindr quickly became synonymous with hook-up culture over finding true love. Meanwhile, rival app Hinge prides itself on the fact that it is ‘designed to be deleted’, yet still bears witness to a spate of problematic dating terms including ghosting, gaslighting, and breadcrumbing (the list goes on).

While the rise of sexual wellness brands such as Dame and sex ed influencers on platforms like TikTok suggest that society is more open about sex than ever, this feels at odds with the current state of online dating. Enter: Feeld, a sex positive dating app designed specifically with ‘the curious’ in mind.

Feeld dating app