Bored of swiping left? Try Feeld’s orbs of seduction

Dating app Feeld has launched a ‘digital foreplay’ experience, that lets users chat each other up using floating orb-shaped avatars

The interactive artwork, appropriately named For Play, is reminiscent of Chatroulette – which randomly connects users over video chat. It’s designed by Studio Moniker, and intended to reflect Feeld’s mission to connect people interested in fluid sexuality.

For Play Users join an online chatroom – which hosts up to four people at a time – but instead of a username they assume the identity of a reflective, bouncing orb that shows a distorted version of their face.

Studio Moniker’s description of the experience perhaps explains it best: “You move around and start bumping into other soft curious orb souls.

“Tap to tease, make sounds and bounce. Your orb will flirt, touch, hug, tickle, squeeze and poke. We call For Play a safe, digital foreplay experience.”

For Play is clearly a response to the increasingly sterile interactions people have with one another online, and it’s certainly more playful than the right-swipe mechanism many of us are familiar with.

It’s hard to say how many real-life meetings it’ll actually create, but at least users are going to have fun in the meantime.