Hyrrs not Hymns: Feminist Christmas songs that stick it to the patriarchy

Grey London has released an album of classic Christmas hymns that have been wittily reworked to contain a feminist message, with all monies raised going to Refuge. They’ll have you laughing all the way to a feminist future.

In an year that has seen many powerful men accused of sexual harassment, as well as arguments over equal pay and everyday sexism, what all feminists of the world (be they women or men) need is a set of feminist hymns to sing out the old year and bring in the new.

Grey London has teamed up with Goldstein Music to deliver this in the form of an album of rewritten Christmas hymns – renamed as ‘hyrrs’ – that will enliven any office Christmas party. Plus, if ever proof was needed that feminism can be funny as well as political, this set of songs provides the evidence.

Deck The Halls is reworked as Kick The Balls (of Patriarchy), Oh Christmas Tree! becomes Oh Sexism! (sample line: ‘Oh Sexism! Oh Sexism! Thy forms are so wide-ranging’), and Good King Wenceslas becomes Good Queen Wenceslas, natch.

You can listen to them all below, and the songs are available to download via iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, with all monies raised going to women’s charity Refuge.


Agency: Grey London
Creatives: Christopher Keatinge, Tom Houser, Augustine Cerf, Laura Nunneley
Music: Goldstein Music