Field Roast’s sausage ad taps into Charli XCX fanfare

Plant-based meat brand Field Roast launched a responsive OOH campaign by No Fixed Address that lifts from the most recognisable album cover of the year

Billboard that features the words 'brat' and 'wurst' alongside a photo of a pack of sausages, against a bright green background and fuzzy lowercase letters in the style of Charli XCX's Brat album cover
Image courtesy No Fixed Address

Already praised as one of the year’s best campaigns, Charli XCX’s latest album, Brat, and the world she’s built around it have injected some much needed energy into our lives. The day-glo green and unfussy, low-res lettering of the album cover have been inescapable in recent months.

Besides being memed to death by fans, the Brat visual language has been adopted by everyone from the Green Party to green brands like Field Roast. The plant-based meat brand ran an OOH billboard in Toronto around the album release date that played on the German meaning of brat to promote its plant-based sausages, laid out in a blunt tone similar to the album cover itself.

The OOH was devised by creative agency No Fixed Address, which praised Field Roast for having greenlit the idea and launched the billboards in the space of two days, describing the brand as “so Julia”.