Filip Ćustić Lil Nas X

Filip Ćustić on the tension between art and commerce

The artist has collaborated with brands and created visuals for musicians including Rosalía and Lil Nas X alongside his multidisciplinary practice. Here, he discusses why creative freedom is vital when it comes to commercial work

Filip Ćustić isn’t afraid to address life’s big questions, exploring everything from sexuality and individualism to consumerism and identity through his interdisciplinary artworks. In his new solo show Human Product, which is currently on display at Tokyo’s Parco Museum, he takes things one step further, examining how in the era of social media, face filters and digital avatars, technology has become increasingly intertwined with humanity itself.

The Spanish-Croatian artist is well-known for his surrealist aesthetic, which blurs the lines between sculpture, photography, video, and performance. His distinctive artworks have earned him a cult following on social, where he has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, as well as commissions from brands such as fashion designer Palomo Spain and musicians including Rosalía and Lil Nas X.

Filip Ćustić Parco Museum
Filip significa amante de los caballos, 2020