Finca La Prospera

The CR Photography Annual 2014: Sophie Ebrard’s intimate series Finca La Prospera, capturing a Buenos Aires family. As chosen by Jess Crombie, Save the Children

I chose this series because I loved the tender interaction between the family members. The photographer is invisible in this series, she manages to capture intimate moments in a way that only family members can typically do.

It reminds me of Sally Mann’s images of her children (in the best way) in the absolute lack of self-consciousness and the feeling that you are gazing on something utterly real.

The image of the boy with the gauze is the standout still, it is painterly and thoughtful and thought-provoking and contains great narrative. It makes you want to look at it for a long time, which is what the best photographs should do – capture something or a moment that captivates, pricks the imagination and keeps you looking.

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