Find Your Own Angle: Gemma Shiel

Win a Canon EOS 60D camera and lens kit worth £849.95 in our reader competition. All you have to do is submit images that you feel fit the campaign theme Find Your Own Angle to our Flickr page…

Send us your photographs and you could win a Canon EOS 60D with EF-S 18-55mm Lens Kit, worth £849.95 in our reader competition

As part of Canon’s Find Your Own Angle campaign for the camera, we are running a reader competition to win a Canon EOS 60D. All you have to do is submit images that you feel fit the campaign theme to our Flickr page. They can be on any subject, you can send in pre-existing images or shoot something new. The images will not be used for anything else – just to enter the competition. And you, of course, retain all copyright. We will then pick our favourite to win the prize.

To get things started and give you an idea of what to submit, we have commissioned images from three artists: art director and designer Trevor Jackson, Gemma Shiel, founder of independent graphic and illustration label Lazy Oaf and art director Damien Poulain. They were each asked to use the 60D to shoot something ‘from their own angle’.

Jackson’s set can be found here. Our second artist, Gemma Shiel, went out and about in London armed with a pair of ping-pong ball eyes to discover hidden faces on the city streets. Our lead image is a piece she calls Wood. Here are some more photos from her series.



Load of old bollard

My local branch

Shiel says, “My work is always character-focused, I like to see an element of cartoon and personality in everything, even the most boring of objects. I turned my kitchen boiler into a singing Carmen Miranda, a letter box into a frenzied looking prisoner. My angle was that everyday objects can suddenly turn into bizarre characters with their own narrative by just applying two ping pong ball eyes.

“The photos were taken in my home, studio and on a brief walk to a birthday picnic in Highgate Woods.

“…I had so much fun looking at objects and how best to personify them, it was a little bit magical. The camera was great. I liked the flip-down view [Canon calls it a ‘Vari-Angle Screen’] which meant I could get pics from some awkward angles. Confused by which lens to opt for I went for something that would lend itself to multi-uses and allow me to get quite close to each subject without losing focus. It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of things and I really appreciated being able to manually move the focus around using the screen display. I was really impressed by the light quality of the pictures and the sharpness in each shot. It was a lot less intimidating to use than other digital SLRs I’ve come across.”

We will be posting the work from Jackson and Poulain over the coming weeks.

To enter our Find Your Own Angle competition, submit your work to our Flickr page here: [URL to come]

Deadline: September TBC



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