Five new typefaces from Conqueror

To promote a rejuvenated Conqueror brand, paper manufacturer Arjowiggins has, unusually, commissioned five brand new typefaces which designers can download for free…

I have a distant memory of my father holding up a sheet of paper to the light and showing me a watermark for the first time – I must have been about six. But I still remember the watermark – it was for Conqueror paper.

Now the long established paper range is having a bit of a relaunch aimed at printers and designers, and to promote this, its manufacturer Arjowiggins has not only commissioned a batch of attractive marketing materials full of illustrations by Seb Lester, photography by Thomas Brown and artwork by Tsang Kin-Wah – but it has also commissioned five new Conqueror typefaces designed by Jean François Porchez of French foundry Typofonderie.

Here’s a look at the typefaces and the promotional brochures and, even more unusually, some web films hosted on YouTube that support the Conqueror relaunch campaign – and which carry the strapline: “It’s not what you say… it’s how you say it”.

Introducing AW Conqueror Sans:

Below is AW Conqueror Didot:

AW Conqueror Inline:

and AW Conqueror Carved:

Carved comes in various layers allowing designers to use all of them together or just one or two layers at a time:


All of the five typefaces are available to download for free from – the idea being that Conqueror provides a portfolio of tools (as well as paper) for designers to use.

The paper range itself has grown to include a new range made from Bamboo – which is fast growing  and renewable; a selection of Print Excellence papers within the Wove and Bamboo ranges which guarantee faster drying times than the other papers and handles well complicated and creative prints and patterns; plus there’s a whole heap of new colours available in the Conqueror family of papers.

Here are those YouTube films I mentioned earlier, created by Reflex Group:



For more details about the Conqueror paper range – and to find out how to download the typefaces detailed above, visit

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