Apple Spike Jonze FKA Twigs

FKA twigs stars in new Apple film directed by Spike Jonze

Apple’s latest short film advertises the HomePod, and in combining Spike Jonze with FKA twigs, the brand makes arriving home from work look amazing.

Spike Jonze’s latest film shows, once again, the director’s skill with using dance to bring an idea to life. The film sees a weary FKA twigs plodding through her commute home, only to be transformed by music provided by Siri, which inspires her to perform some mind-bending, and apartment-bending, moves.

The film proves to be something of a marriage made in heaven between client, director and performer. Welcome Home follows last year’s short from the brand created by Michel Gondry, Détour, which aimed to show off the filmmaking capabilities of the iPhone. Here an Apple product, this time the HomePod and Siri, is again at the centre of the film, though without feeling remotely shoved in the audience’s face.

Spike Jonze, of course, has previously used dance to expand a brand’s horizons, with his 2016 short film for Kenzo. And back in his music video heyday, he playfully used dance in his videos for Fatboy Slim. Plus, as a side note, Jonze spent plenty of time examining the possibilities of computer operating systems in his 2013 feature film Her.

Apple Spike Jonze FKA Twigs
Apple Spike Jonze FKA Twigs

The atmosphere of the Apple film, while it also contains some magical effects, is quite different to Kenzo, however, due to the presence of twigs. A dancer before she launched her own music career, twigs has directed some stunning videos of her own (see our interview from 2015 with her here) and brings typical flair and charm to this film.

Apple Spike Jonze FKA Twigs
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It all comes together to create a film that is both a great ad for Apple yet also a lovely thing in its own right, and likely to be shared far and wide.