Fleeting Seating project

Sid Lee

Fleeting Seating: The Slightly Uncomfortable Chair Collection is a self-initiated project by Montreal and Amsterdam-based creative agency Sid Lee. It was spearheaded by Louis-Thomas Pelletier, who, on becoming a creative director a few years ago, realised he was spending a lot of time in meetings. Too much time, in fact, which made him devise this simple formula: for maximum meeting efficiency, remove the comfy chairs.

“I remember when I was a kid,” Pelletier explains in the 28-page, a4 booklet that promotes the collection, “there was a rumour – I don’t know if it was true – that at McDonalds, the benches were made [ to be uncomfortable] so that you wouldn’t spend too much time there.” It was from that thought the idea for the Slightly Uncomfortable Chair Collection (succ) came.

Pelletier teamed up with Gabrielle Saint-Pierre, also at Sid Lee, to realise the collection which is set to show in Milan next year. Yes, the chairs are a serious prospect. “I can see corporations buying some for their conference rooms and boardrooms – to make a point, a reminder to their employees,” says Pelletier. “There is a potential market for it, a niche market, I don’t see them being distributed through Ikea.”



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