Foilco rebrand by Studio DBD

Studio DBD gives Foilco a contemporary upgrade

The Manchester-based design agency showcases the versatility and creative possibility at the heart of Foilco’s product range

As a leading supplier of hot stamping foils and decorative films, Foilco’s ties to the design community mean that its branding is subject to more scrutiny than most. While Foilco’s other initiatives – including its event series Multiplicity and its educational programme Workshop – have remained in keeping with modern design, the brand at the centre of it all has been trailing behind.

To elevate its aesthetic, Foilco enlisted Studio DBD to give the branding a complete overhaul. Central to the rebrand – including a new logo – was the number eight, as this is the number of foil types and sectors that Foilco works with, explains Studio DBD founder Dave Sedgwick.

A bespoke typeface was created by Rick Banks to complement the bold messaging and punchy visuals. The launch of the Foilco’s new identity was accompanied by a vibrant short – animated by James Huson and directed by Jack Mottley – and the refreshed look will also be rolled out across a forthcoming new website.;